The World Health Organization has found that the Covid-19 pandemic increased the prevalence of, both, anxiety and depression by 25% worldwide. And there has already been some preliminary research that has shown the increase of depression in Russian-speaking Holocaust survivors in the U.S., since the beginning of the War in Ukraine.

 In addition, according to the NIH, late life depression, because of its devastating consequences of increased risk of morbidity, increased risk of suicide, and decreased physical, cognitive, and social functioning, is considered a public health problem.  Depression in older adults often looks different than it does in younger adults and, because of that, frequently goes unrecognized, misdiagnosed, and under-treated.  Understanding the ways in which age may affect the factors associated with depression, how depression (and anxiety) appear in older adults, and strategies for prevention, especially during this stressful time, are all necessary for the physical and emotional well-being of our elderly community.

On April 12, 2022, Dr. Mara spoke with a group of 44 social workers, who work with seniors, from around North America, about recognizing late-life depression and anxiety, as well as strategies for prevention, especially in light of the stresses in the world.



Thank you Dr. Karpel for spending time with the Network of Jewish Human Service Agencies Older Adult Services Professionals Affinity Group. Your knowledge of depression in Older Adults is evident.  Life is certainly not easy these days what with the War in Ukraine and many of our clients have family and friends there.  Your understanding of the enormity of the situation and the strategies you gave us will help us to identify these in need of more attention.  I also liked the concrete tools you gave us at the end of the session, to not only work with our clients, but to better ourselves.
Lisa-Loraine Smith,LCSW, Chief Program Officer
Network of Jewish Human Service Agencies
Dear Dr. Karpel,
Thank you for coming to the Older Adult Affinity group of NJHSA.  There were so many positive comments regarding your presentation as it was very pertinent to our population as well as the challenges that people are facing over the past two years.  Your presentation was informative and provided so many key points in helping to identify someone who is older that could be suffering silently from depression.  You have opened the eyes of many people which I am sure will result in some positive benefits to our clients as well as family members.  
Brenda Yuen 
Director, Programs and Communications 
Network of Jewish Human Service Agencies


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