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We had a packed program!

Amy Temperley was on the show when we began on local Austin talk radio.   Now, she joined us to talk about her new company, Aging is Cool!  And the new website:  A Mighty Good Time!  This is a resource tool for anyone over the age of 50 and it’s FREE.  Check out classes, find your passion, or just find like-minded people to interact with during this time of social isolation.  Members and classes/programs are from around the country and the world!  

Amy Temperley


Also, grief recovery specialist, Charlene Gorzela joined us to talk about recovering from grief and her podcast, Grief Recovery Now! Find out more about Charlene and her grief recovery coaching at:  griefrecoverymethod.com/grms/charlene-gorzela.

Charlene Gorzela
Grief Recovery Now


And friend of the show, guitarist, Betty Navas joined us from L.A., once again, with some of her latest music, written and recorded in her home studio during the pandemic! Betty’s music is available everywhere that music is downloaded, including on reverbnation.com/bettynavas.

Betty Navas




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