Missed the program?  It was awesome and you can hear it all right here!

We were broadcasting from the SandBox Inn on South Padre Island!

We were joined from Seattle by psychotherapist, artist, and author, Rebecca Bloom, to discuss her latest book, Vicarious Trauma Illustrated,  a toolkit for therapists and and healing workers to stay present in their clients’ struggles without internalizing the pain.  It was a great discussion about ways for health and mental health professionals to deal with the emotional stress of working with trauma again and again in their daily lives.  Find out more about Rebecca, her workshops, and her books, by going to: BloomCounseling.com.  Her books are also available on Amazon.  And you can follow Rebeccas on social media: Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.  

Therapist, Artist, Author, Rebecca Bloom


Dr. Mara discussed the keynote that she gave in the morning about the essential elements of Living The Passionate Life.  


And owner of the Sandbox Inn and Champion Sand Castle Sculptor, Lucinda Wierenga, aka Sandy Feet, joined us once again to let us know what’s happening in the world of sand.  Check out all the info about the holiday sand sculpture display and upcoming events, learn about sand camp that is all year round and free, check out individual sand castle lessons from Lucinda, find out about the SandBox Inn, and more, all at SandyFeet.com.

Lucinda Wierenga

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