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Wednesday, February 28: Dr. Mara was interviewed by Marsha Joiner and You Can Hear The Podcas HERE

The job of advocating for a loved one who is immersed in the healthcare system or in long-term care is a necessary one. Without loving advocates, those who cannot speak for themselves, especially older adults, often suffer the consequences of ageism and ableism, leading to a quality of life that is less than ideal and, even, ending of the life of someone who still has more stories to tell. Advocacy is love and Dr. Mara discussed with Marsha Joiner her advocacy experiences, her recommendations based on these experiences, and more.

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February 11, 2024: Michelle Young Doers on her book, “Killing for Profit: The Dark Side of Hospice”

Michelle Young Doers to discuss her book, “Killing for Profit: The Dark Side of Hospice.”  Michelle is a respiratory therapist who has played an important role in the living and/or dying of patients with prolonged illnesses and decisions about hospice. She will discuss the big business of hospice and how to prepare yourself for such a huge decision without being marketed to and manipulated. 

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