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Neurologist, memory specialist, & author of: “Memory Loss: Everything You Want to Know But Forget to Ask,” Dr. Ronald Devere joined us in the studio.  Dr. Devere is the Chair of the Capital of Texas Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association and is Chair of the Committee that developed the new guidelines for early detection, diagnosis, and treatment of Alzheimer’s for the Texas Council on Alzheimer’s.  You can read these new guidelines by going to: www.DSHS.state.TX.US/Alzheimers.  Dr. Devere suggested that, if you or your loved one has signs of cognitive impairment, it is advisable to be evaluated by a geriatrician, a neurologist, or a geriatric psychiatrist.  Early detection of the causes of the memory/cognitive impairment is key in the best outcomes.  The best way to decrease risk of Alzheimers and other forms of dementia?  1.  At least 120 minutes per week of aerobic exercise (such as riding a stationary bike); 2.  dietary changes; 3.  the addition of fish oil; 4.  exercise your brain; 5.  protect your head from injury (such as wearing a helmet when bike-riding).

Contact Dr. Devere for an appointment at his clinic by calling:  512-261-7909; by sending him an e-mail:  RDevere@austin.rr.com; or go through his clinic website:  Alzheimer’s Disease and Memory Disorders Center.  Dr. Devere’s very informative book is available in his office and at www.Amazon.com

Dr. Ronald Devere and me

Dr. Ronald Devere




The one and only world-renowned Jazzmanian Devil, Tomas Ramirez, was back to fill us in on his latest musical projects and we played some of his beautiful original music!  Tomas is back in Texas now and he is performing every second Thursday of the month at the Half Moon Saloon in Brownsville, TX, followed by his performance on the following night at the Half Moon with Los Bluesanos.  Tomas is also performing once a month at The Elephant Room in Austin, TX.  His next performance there will be on August 23.  (Keep your eye on The Elephant Room calendar for his future performances there, or check out The Austin Chronicle.)  You can purchase Tomas’ CD’s at www.iniomusic.com.  To keep up with Tomas’ upcoming performances, follow him on Facebook!

Tomas Ramirez, The Jazzmanian Devil


To follow up on the discussion I had a couple of weeks ago about how your thoughts affect how you feel, I spoke about how assumptions affect relationships.  I also spoke about COFFEE..the good, the bad, and the ugly.




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