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Jim Morris Hicks is an activist and speaker in the areas of sustainability, health promotion, and food-based wellness, as well as author of the book, “Healthy Eating, Healthy World” and of the blog of the same name.  Jim joined us to talk about our health, the health of the earth, and our food choices.  He is now the Chief Development Officer of The Plantrician Project and he filled us in on their upcoming International Plant-Based Nutrition Conference in San Diego, which will take place Sept. 17 thru Sept. 20.  You can find out more about this conference by going to: www.pbnhc.com.  You can also find out more about Jim Morris Hicks, read his blogs, and purchase his book by going to: www.hpjmh.com.


Jim Morris Hicks
“Health Eating, Healthy World”
Check out the International Plant-Based Conference: www.pbnhc.com



Musician, Betty Navas, joined us from Hollywood, CA to talk about her music and we played some of her music!  Betty will be joining a new band and going on tour.  You can find out more about what she is doing and where she will be playing with her band by going to: www.reverbnation.com/bettynavas or “like” her on FB: Betty Navas on Facebook.com.   You can also download Betty’s music on iTunes.


Betty Navas


Laura Gelezunas reported in from the retirement paradise south of the border, Puerto Vallarta, and she let us know that there will be a vegan potluck dinner, Natural, Whole Foods Delicousness Potluck, in Vallarta on Sat., September 27, 1-4pm.  There is a growing community of expatriates in Vallarta who are eating healthier, doing yoga on the beach, and connecting with each other.  Find out more at the Facebook page: Be the Change/Se el Cambio.  You can find out everything that is going on for retirees in Vallarta (and you can watch Laura’s new video features, “Recipes and Real Estate” and “Vallarta Life”) by going to: www.BanderasNews.com.


In light of the recent suicide death of the comic genius, Robin Williams, I spoke about suicide prevention.  Here are the main points:

Suicide affects the health of the entire community.  Family and friends of people who have committed suicide deal with all sorts of emotions, such as shock, anger, guilt, and depression, themselves, as a result.  In addition, the medical costs and lost wages associated with suicide and suicide attempts are enormous.  In fact, self-inflicted injuries result in an estimated $6.5 billion in combined medical and work loss costs.

If you’re feeling suicidal, it’s important to know that there is always hope that, given time and support, you can feel better and that your pain and suicidal feelings WILL pass.  “…there is always something we can do.  We can take a walk until the feeling passes.  We can find someone else suffering and help them, taking the attention off our own.  Or, finally, we can …sit still with what we are thinking are insoluble problems, beaming more intimate with them as we can, facing them until we get over our fear.  They may even be insoluble, but that does not mean there is nothing we can do.” – Actor, Peter Coyote, in response to the death of Robin Williams

For more information for yourself and to help a loved-one who might be having suicidal thoughts, check out: Suicide Help: Dealing With Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings and Suicide Prevention: How to Help Someone Who is Suicidal,  

Most importantly, if you are feeling suicidal or your family member or friend appears to be suicidal:  Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255); Call 911; Take yourself or your loved-one to the nearest hospital Emergency Room, psychiatric hospital walk-in clinic, or urgent are clinic.  


National Suicide Prevention LIFELINE
1-800-273-TALK (8255)


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